Local by ISPT - Learn more, grow more.

Expand your access to customers through an entirely new way of engaging with them, and gain insights to help your business grow.

Local by ISPT is an app. But not just ‘another’ app. We’ve designed an app to make shopping fun, personalised, engaging and rewarding. What does that mean for you and us? Hopefully more people visiting our centres, more time and money spent in your store, and more loyal, happy customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will there be any ongoing cost to the retailers after the pilot?

ISPT’s intention is to provide the Local by ISPT App at no additional cost to Retailers. Your feedback and the learnings from the pilot will determine what happens next with Local by ISPT.

+ Will there be an information booth in the centre during the pilot?

We feel the App is simple and intuitive enough for shoppers to use without help and Chantelle from MDX will be on hand to support our retailers.

+ Will the promotions be active for the family and friends launch?

Yes and we’re encouraging friends and family to give those a try.

+ Can retailers still partake in the app if they do not provide any offers or participate in the loyalty program?

Yes absolutely. By displaying a QR code and encouraging shoppers to scan that you’re helping shoppers earn tokens for the community giving program.

+ Can the retailers also take advantage of the promotions offered in the Local by ISPT App?

Yes Retailers are Shoppers too! That being said, please be sure to check the Ts and Cs of a particular promotion for eligibility criteria.

+ Can retailers participate in the Pet Pack promotion?

Unfortunately retailers and their families are not permitted to enter this promotion.

+ Can retailers have more than one QR code to help promote the App?

Yes. If mulitple QR codes are required for mulitple check out points that can be arranged via Chantelle.

+ Can retailers get a stand for the QR code if they don’t want to stick it on the counter or window?

Sure – have a chat to Chantelle, let her know what you need and we’ll get that sorted for you.

+ What information does the QR code provide for me as a retailer?

Great question! By tracking the QR code scanning behaviour of our shoppers we can start to develop personas and gain insights on what a typical visit to the centre looks like. Because we’re able to enhance our Shopper profiles with additional information available via one of our marketing partners we hope to gain deep learnings about our Shoppers and identify opportunities for you. We actually think this is potentially one of the most valuable aspects of the pilot.

+ Who is your target audience and how do you propose to get them to download/use the app?

Another great question. Obviously we’re targeting anyone who visits the centre but more broadly we hope to reach shoppers who may not currently shop with us so that we extend our reach with the App. We think there are different things in the App which will appeal to different groups. The community giving program with its focus on local community groups will appeal to some shoppers, and the opportunity to use digital stamp cards and receive vouchers will appeal to other shoppers. We think that the Pet Pack augmented reality treasure hunt will encourage a lot of downloads.

+ Is the App being set up by the centre or a third-party business?

Local by ISPT is delivered by ISPT who is the owner of the your retail centre.

For over 25 years our properties have been meaningful places for the retailers, companies, government departments and communities that use them.

We generate returns for our Investors, which are some of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds, and ultimately the 50%+ of Australian workers who have their retirement savings invested through us.

Find out more about ISPT here: https://ispt.net.au/

+ How can Local by ISPT help my business?

The Local by ISPT app allows you to engage with your customers through store promotions, loyalty rewards and more. What’s more, the app helps you understand your customers better. Find out how your customers behave within a centre, track how they engage with your offers and develop insights to help you grow your business.

+ How are community groups selected for the community giving Program?

We invite community groups to nominate for a promotion. If you know of a local community group who might like to particpate please email that suggestion through using the form below.

+ Why has ISPT created this App for retailers now?

The retail sector is extremely competitive. We've recognised that in order to thrive, we need to offer shoppers something different.
• The Local by ISPT app is our way of improving the shopping experience by making it fun and personal.
• We’ve built in a strong community giving component to the app, so that shoppers can turn their spending into donations for their local community.
• Your success is our success – which is why we’re fully funding the pilot phase of the app, and providing you with additional support staff to see it through.

+ Is the App available for all retailers?

Yes. If you're a retailer in Camberwell Place or Barkly Square, where the pilot of the App is running, then you are invited to participate.

+ What Features does the App offer me as a retailer?

As a retailer, Local by ISPT allows you to:
• Help your customers earn tokens and donate towards our community giving programme.
• Reward customer loyalty, and collect data to understand your customers better.
• Get a spot in our store directory – contact details, opening hours, etc.
• Let your customers ‘order ahead’ with your dedicated store portal within the app.
• Create offers for your entire customer base, or a segment you want to engage with.
• Set up customer offers triggered by special events, like birthdays. • Accept ISPT funded gift cards in your stores.
• Learn more about your customers, and potential shoppers, with analytics and insights.
• Engage in smart communication – push notifications, email, SMS, Wi-Fi splash pages, social media – with your customers, inside and outside our shopping centres, all from one platform.

+ What features does the App offer my customers?

Local by ISPT will allow shoppers to:
• Collect tokens and donate towards local community groups. Get their friends and families involved to increase donations.
• Enter competitions for a chance to win centre gift cards – which can be used at any participating retailer.
• Take part in our augmented reality games for a chance to win cash prizes.
• Receive offers and vouchers to redeem in centre.
• ‘Order ahead’ from stores.
• Track their spending with the app’s virtual wallet.
• Find out what’s happening in centre, and add events to their calendars.
• Access a central store directory to find and contact their favourite stores.
• Provide feedback – what they liked, what they didn’t – and earn community tokens while they’re at it.

+ How long will the pilot of the App run for?

ISPT is running the first stage of the pilot until the end of June 2019. We'll take a pulse point from shoppers and retailers before the end of June to determine Phase 2 of the pilot, which will likely run until the end of 2019.

+ What are the Terms and Conditions of participating as a retailer?

You can read the T&C's in the App or view them here:

+ I have a good idea for the App - who can I speak to about it?

ISPT encourages your ideas for improving the App. Please let us know how we can make the App better for shoppers and/or retailers.

You can email your ideas using the contact form below

+ What are the guidelines for creating offers?

Most Australian businesses use advertising to promote their goods and services. Whether they advertise through television, radio, the internet or print media, they must ensure that their advertising complies with the law.

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is a national law that aims to protect consumers and ensure fair trading in Australia. The ACL is part of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (the Act).

Advertising and selling practices have evolved rapidly. These practices no longer occur solely through traditional print media, television or a shop front. Advertising and selling occurs widely in the online environment, such as through email, social media, apps, online shopping sites, price comparison sites, review platforms and search engines.

Businesses that operate online have the same rights and obligations as those that operate traditional bricks and mortar stores. Businesses need to ensure that their online sales practices comply with the Act.


+ Who do I speak to if my question isn't anwered here?

MDX has been engaged by ISPT to support you throughout the pilot and you'll have a dedicated account manager.

You can contact MDX on 1300 921 112 from 9am - 5pm each day.
Outside of these hours please email: chantelle.churchill@mediadigitalx.com

+ How can my staff access my retailer account in the App?

If you have staff who also need to use the App we can supply you with a device for your store and you can login to that with your retailer account for staff to use.

+Can I use the same App as both a retailer and as a customer?

You can use the same app as a retailer and as a customer, however, you will need to have separate accounts with different email addresses. For example, the retailer account will be linked to your business email address and the customer account will be linked to your personal email address.

If you login to the app using your retailer account details, simply logout and enter your personal details to access the customer app.

+What is the process of issuing stamps onto a customers stamp card

  1. Open the Local by ISPT app (make sure you have registered with your business details – see question 1 above).
  2. Tap the SCAN button on the landing page to access your phone’s camera within the app.
  3. Ask your customer to scroll down to the bottom of the stamp card where the QR code is located.
  4. Simply hover your phone over the QR code in your customer’s app.
  5. Once you have successfully scanned the QR code, your customer’s details will appear on your phone with an option below to add stamps to their stamp card.
  6. Tap the plus sign to add the number of stamps you want to allocate to your customer. Then, tap the Continue button.
  7. Your customer will then receive a stamp/s automatically on their stamp card.

+What is the process for redeeming a stamp card from a customer’s App?

When a customer has completed their stamp card they will be issued a voucher automatically in the Local by ISPT app. It will be located under the Vouchers section of Loyalty.

+What is the process for redeeming a voucher from a customer’s App?

  1. Open the Local by ISPT app (make sure you have registered with your business details – see question 1 above).
  2. Tap the SCAN button on the landing page to access your phone’s camera within the app.
  3. Ask your customer to scroll down to the bottom of their voucher where the QR code is located.
  4. Simply hover your phone over the QR code in the customer’s app.
  5. Once you have successfully scanned the QR code, your customer’s details will appear on your phone, and your customer will be prompted to accept or decline the voucher redemption. When they tap Accept, the voucher will be redeemed and they will no longer be able to use it.
  6. You will then need to apply the discounted, or free, product into your point of sale system.
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